Welcome to the Laboratory of Individual Differences Assessment - LADI

Department of Psychology, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Our laboratory intends to promote a collective space for the integration of researchers, students and professionals interested in Differential Psychology, especially in Intelligence and Personality. Our interest is the development of techno-scientific activities through research. In addition, it is our desire to exchange with other Brazilian or Latin American researches. Thus, we expect to produce and share extensive results in/from our region. Our laboratory is also open to exchange our data with researchers from other continents.


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Participe da pesquisa Personalidade e Velocidade de Progressão de Transtornos Neurocognitivos

Se você tem mais de 60 anos de idade e gostaria de ser acompanhado pela nossa equipe, o convidamos para participar da nossa pesquisa, clicando no link abaixo.

Para mais informações, CLIQUE AQUI.

Para participar, utilize preferencialmente um computador ou notebook.