Our Collaborators

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Prof. Dr. José Aparecido da Silva


Graduate at Psicologia from Universidade de São Paulo (1976) and master's at Psicologia São Paulo from Universidade de São Paulo (1979). Has experience in Psychology, focusing on Experimental Psychology, acting on the following subjects: percepcao visual, percepcao de distancia, percepcao de tamanho, psicofísica and psicofisica visual.

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Prof. Dr. Heiner Rindermann


Rindermann received a Ph.D. in psychology in 1995 on the subject of teacher evaluations from Heidelberg University and completed a Habilitation in 2005 on the topic of teacher quality at University of Koblenz and Landau. In September 2007 he was appointed professor for evaluation and methodology of developmental psychology at the University of Graz. Since April 2010, Rindermann holds the Chair of Educational and Developmental Psychology at the Technical University of Chemnitz.


Prof. Dr. Roberto Colom


Roberto Colom studied Psychology at the ‘Universidad Autónoma de Madrid’ where he received his PhD in 1989. 

He is currently Professor of Individual Differences at the Dpt. of Biological and Health Psychology in the same university, and he has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and supervising PhD students since 1990 (many of whom are now teachers and researchers).

He has authored 12 books (technical and for a general audience), edited 6 books, and published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles.

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Prof. Rodrigo Dubtcheck de Figueiredo


Graduated in Psychology in PUC-Minas (1993), expert in Traffic Psychology (UEMG - 2001), in Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis (PUC-Minas, 2013) and in Neuropsychological Assessment (Faculdade de Ciências Médicas de Minas Gerais, 2017). Has worked as a professor of psychological assessment at Universidade José do Rosário Vellano (UNIFENAS) and at Centro Universitário de Lavras (UNILAVRAS).

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Prof. Monica Freitas


Graduated in Psychology at PUC-Minas (2009). Expert in Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis (PUC-Minas, 2010) and Master in Psychology of Human Development (UFMG, 2013). Currently, is a professor of Psychology at Centro Universitário Newton Paiva and in the course of Psychological Assessment at PUC-Minas. She is the current president (2018-2020) of the Sociedade Mineira de Avaliação Psicológica (SAPSI).