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Why there has been little innovation in education?

According to professor Douglas Detterman, who founded the scientific
journal Intelligence in 1977, and was editor in chief from 1977 to 2016, one of
the strongest reasons is that the absolute majority of research focuses on
teachers, families and schools. This inclination surprises if it is recognized that
differential psychology for more than a century has shown that schools
including teachers respond only 10% of the variation in school performance,
while 90% of the variance is explained by students' cognitive individual
differences. In his lecture, delivered in Madrid in 2016, Professor Detterman
launched a challenge for those who doubt these data. He proposes an
experiment that was not carried out until today and that involves teachers and
students. It is worth analyzing the professor's proposal and waiting for a
researcher or research center to encourage the experiment.
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G-general cognitive ability and Genetic.

Researchers in individual differences are using more the term General
Cognitive Ability (or g factor) than Intelligence. In this video, professor Robert
Plomin (American psychologist and geneticist best known for his work in twin
studies and behavior genetics) explains in a fairly simple way what GCA
(General Cognitive Ability) is and how its heritability is manifested throughout
the life cycle (lower in childhood and higher in adulthood). However, professor
Plomin warns: the causes of cognitive individual differences (mostly genetically
influenced) are not necessarily related to the average differences (mostly
influenced by the environment such as cognitive gains through generations – or
know as Flynn effect). Thus, it is possible to environmental increase (or
decrease) the cognitive average of a human group, but it is not possible to
eliminate individual differences. In fact, if social environmental differences were
eliminated, genetic differences will increase. In other words, heritability would
be an index of social mobility of equality.
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